Why Do Pro Bono?

Making the Business Case for Pro Bono

Date of Publication: 2000

This monograph is designed to outline the means by which an investment in pro bono can and will, in the long term, strengthen a firm’s ability to attract and serve its commercial clients.

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Pro Bono in Uncertain Times: Learning from the Past/Looking to the Future

Date of Publication:  2008

Brief insights from PBI’s President and CEO about what the economic downturn and recovery may mean for law firm pro bono.

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Research Compendium: Pro Bono and Recruitment, Retention, and Morale

Date of Publication: 2012

This compendium is a compilation of research studies that examine the effects that corporate volunteering has on employee recruitment, retention, and morale.

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Revisiting the Business Case for Law Firm Pro Bono

Date of Publication: 2010

This essay re-examines the decade-old business case for law firm pro bono and considers how pro bono could fit into a new legal landscape to benefit law firms and lawyers at all stages of their careers.

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Talent Management Trends: Law Firm Core Competencies and Pro Bono

Date of Publication: 2011

This toolkit offers guidance and best practices for utilizing developmental pro bono opportunities to assist in the implementation of law firm core competencies and effective performance evaluation systems.  Experience has shown that the kinds of matters that an attorney works on today may be very different from those one works on five or ten years from now, and pro bono can offer opportunities to acquire skills that complement the mix and volume of commercial work at a law firm at any given time.

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