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PBI in the News Archive

12/22/16 – Firms Give Back During the Holiday Season

10/07/16 – Associates: I’ll Take a Year of Pro Bono, Please

09/02/16 – Op-Ed: To Bridge Justice Gap, Recruit Retiring Lawyers

08/30/16 – In-House Group Challenges D.C. Pro Bono Restrictions

08/23/16 – The Passing of Royalty

06/29/16 – Pro Bono Institute 2015 Law Firm Pro Bono Project Report Published

06/29/16 – A Survey of Pro Bono Practices and Opportunities in 84 Jurisdictions

06/27/16 – Exclusive Survey: Pro Bono Rankings

06/27/16 – For the Public Good

06/08/16 – PBI Announces National Leadership Committee for the Esther F. Lardent

05/23/16 – Benchmarking In-House Pro Bono: CPBO Challenge Hits 10-Year Milestone

05/19/16 – Sotomayor’s Embrace of Mandatory Pro Bono Garners Praise and Pushback

05/03/16 – PBI Names Eve Runyon CEO

04/28/16 – Court Adopts Pro Bono CLE, Expands Pro Bono Options for In-House Counsel, Approves Cy Pres Petition

04/25/16 – Remembering Esther Lardent

04/15/16 – After Founder’s Death, Pro Bono Institute Names New Leader

03/24/16 – Legal Solutions Blog CRAWL, WALK, RUN: Building Corporate Pro Bono Program

01/20/16 – Expert In House Lawyers Are Having Big Pro Bono Impact

01/05/16 –  In-House Pro Bono in Practice

12/14/15 – Blackstone Forges New Ground With Pro Bono Launch

11/10/15 – The Power of Corporate Pro Bono: What Would Mr. Fezziwig Do?

09/30/15 – Overcoming Challenges to In-House Pro Bono: Time Limitations

09/29/15 – PBI Offers Guidance on Pro Bono for Social Enterprises

09/21/15 – Papal Visit Opens Arms at Pro Bono Clinic

08/24/15 – Lifetime Achiever: Esther Lardent, Pro Bono Institute

08/04/15 – Ten Pro Bono Organizations You Should Know About

06/29/15 – The Justice Gap: How Big Law Is Failing Legal Aid

02/11/15 – Hogan Lovells Introduces Community Service Mandate to All Employees

12/11/14 –  Letter to the Editor: Low Bono Shouldn’t Be Confused With Pro Bono

05/08/14 – BigLaw Shows Pro Bono’s Not Just for Litigators

04/01/14 – Court Weighs Easing of Ethics Rules to Promote Pro Bono in Bankruptcy

03/27/14 – DLA Lawyers Promote Pro Bono Work in Brazil

03/17/14 –  Chicago’s In-House Legal Department of the Year Pro Bono: United Airlines Inc.

03/06/14 – Pro Bono Award Goes to Microsoft GC, Legal Department


12/02/13 – Pro Bono Work to Become Possible for More In-Housers in New York

11/28/13 – Reed Smith works pro bono to aid urban startup coalition

11/18/13 – Urban Innovation21 and Reed Smith Collaborate to Provide Pro Bono Legal Representation to Community-Based Entrepreneurs from the Hill District, Homewood and other Pittsburgh Communities

10/29/13 – Pro Bono Survey Results

09/18/13 – Legal Departments Of The Year: GE Pro Bono Efforts Help Nonprofits, Indigent And Others

08/19/13 – Get a Lawyer Son, Get a Real Good (and Pro Bono) One

07/30/13 – Raising the Bar

07/29/13 – Pro Bono in the DNA

07/24/13 – Pro Bono Not Just About Fixing Individual Legal Needs

07/18/13 – NY Panel Looks to In-House to Beef Up Pro Bono

07/17/13 – Chief Judge Names Committee to Facilitate Pro Bono Efforts of In-House Counsel in NY

07/11/13 – Pro Bono: To Report or Not to Report

07/02/13 – Guest Blogger Esther Lardent Responds to Recent Blog On Large Firm Changes

07/02/13 – DLA Piper provides training to ACC members on how to assist non-profit organisations

05/30/13 – Do Our Ethics Rules Impair Access to Justice?

05/06/13 – ACC Objects to Washington State In-House Rule

05/01/13 – Merck’s pro bono programs expands as it grows up

03/12/13 – Rosenblum: In pro bono work, Minnesota is about average, too

02/26/13 – Latham & Watkins, Pro Bono Institute provide overview of international  pro bono landscape

02/18/13 – Pro Bono and Community Service Category Winner: Capital One Financial Corp.

01/14/13 – Need Another Reason to Do Pro Bono? Just Ask Corporate Clients

11/21/12 – Detroit automakers celebrating, fighting hunger for Thanksgiving

11/01/12 – Establishing Aid

10/10/12 – Allegheny County lawyers: Pro bono work key part of the job

09/25/12 – Mandated Pro Bono Service for Law Students Takes Effect

08/20/12 – Defining pro bono

08/18/12 – Charity begins at the office

08/16/12  – Lawyers donate millions of hours to work for those in need

06/06/12 – The relentless push to bleed Legal Services dry

05/09/12 – New York sets new pro bono requirements

05/07/12 – Pro bono as a prerequisite to admission: Where do we go from here?

05/06/12 – In-house lawyers take on pro bono work

05/01/12 – Top Judge Makes Free Legal Work Mandatory for Joining State Bar

03/28/12 – Solving the professional development puzzle

02/27/12 – ‘A Quiet Revolution’ In Corporate Pro Bono Programs

02/27/12 – PBI Southeastern Regional Convocation Sobering, But Energizing – Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

02/21/12 – Stepping Stones to More In-House Pro Bono

02/06/12 – Five myths about pro bono

11/04/11 – Pro Bono Specialization — With Esther Lardent’s Comments

10/11/11 – Pro bono in 2010 and beyond

09/14/11 – Is Mandatory Pro Bono in the Queue as a Solution to our Access-to-Justice Crisis?

09/13/11 – Is it time for mandatory pro bono?

07/01/11 – Pro Bono Report 2010: Still Growing

4/29/11 – In-House Pro Bono: States Must Remove The Handcuffs

3/15/11 – Justice Served (writeup on PBI’s awards reception)

3/7/11 – Pro Bono Institute honors 2nd Circuit Judge Katzmann

2/28/11 – The Law’s Best Public-Private Partnership Under Congressional Attack

2/28/11 – The crisis in Legal Services funding

11/24/10 – Law360 Picks 10 Pro Bono Standouts

10/11/10 – Pro bono in 2010 and beyond

10/4/10 – Despite economy, law firms continue to provide services free of charge

8/9/10 – Immigration and pro bono

7/1/10 – Pro Bono Report 2010 Still Growing

6/25/10 – Legal pro bono work still strong in D.C.

6/15/10 – Hours of Free Legal Help for Charities Rose in 2009

5/27/10 – Deferred Lawyers Were a Hit With Pro Bono Groups, Survey Suggests

5/26/10 – Pro Bono Institute Reports on Deferred Associates in Public Interest Placements

5/26/10 – Culture Shock for Deferred Associates?

5/26/10 – The Careerist: Associate Deferral Programs a Success, Report Concludes

3/9/10 – Deferred Associates and Public Interest Work: A Difficult Integration