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The Pro Bono Institute does not provide direct legal services. Rather, PBI is a catalyst, administering projects that support, guide, and inspire legal institutions to enhance access to justice. PBI selects and operates projects that, working in concert, promote synergies and inform and strengthen each other.

PBI’s current projects include:

Law Firm Pro Bono Project – provides a wide range of services to larger law firms, including administering the Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge, the Pro Bono Seminar, webinars and mini regional meetings, empirical research, surveys, and publications, a clearinghouse of materials and information, and confidential, individualized technical assistance.

Corporate Pro Bono – a joint initiative of PBI and the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), offers support to in-house lawyers and legal departments, providing technical assistance, online services, training, surveys, research materials, onsite pro bono clinics, and confidential consultation services.

Public Interest – helps public interest organizations to most effectively leverage the resources of larger law firms and corporate legal departments to enhance their work by providing strategic advice, training, and tailored technical assistance to programs that address the legal problems of the poor and disadvantaged.

Collaborative Justice Project – is an innovative initiative that brings together representatives from different sectors of the community to develop and implement a measurable plan to reduce recidivism and dramatically improve the experiences and outcomes of formerly incarcerated men and women to enable them to lead full and productive lives in their communities.

Second Acts – is designed to support transitioning and retired lawyers who are interested in a second, volunteer career in public interest law.

Global Pro Bono – While pro bono initiatives must be grounded in the history, culture, and existing legal aid systems of the various nations and will necessarily differ from the pro bono structure and culture in the United States, PBI, with its breadth of experience, serves as a knowledgeable, objective, and trustworthy advisor.