What Counts?

What Counts? is an easy-to-use guide of frequently asked questions and explanations of “what counts” as pro bono legal services under the Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge® definition.

The Law Firm Pro Bono Project® initiative’s main goal in responding to requests for guidance about “what counts” under the Challenge has been to define pro bono legal services in a principled, clear, and consistent fashion. The Project’s effort, which includes careful analysis and measured responses to dozens of confidential “what counts” inquiries each year has been described as “informal rulemaking” – interpretation of the inevitable “grey” areas of the definition in a manner that strives to be as fair and uniform as possible.

For more information, read the Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge® Statement of Principles, Commentary to the Statement of Principles and, What Counts?

To submit a “what counts” inquiry, contact the Law Firm Pro Bono Project initiative.