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Consulting Services

The Law Firm Pro Bono ProjectCorporate Pro Bono, and Public Interest Project all provide consultative services free for Members and for-fee for others.

Law Firm Pro Bono Project provides confidential consulting and technical assistance to major law firms. Member Law Firms receive 15 hours free of charge annually, with additional time available at a 25 percent discounted rate. Firms that are not Members of the Law Firm Pro Bono Project may apply to receive assistance on a fee-for-service basis as Project time and resources permit. Assistance from the Project takes a number of forms, but the most common consultations include the following:

  • Design of and/or participation in firm retreats and partner meetings focused on pro bono;
  • Planning and assessment consultations with firm executive and pro bono committees;
  • Assistance in identifying and approaching potential corporate partners for joint firm/in-house pro bono ventures;
  • Drafting and review of pro bono policies and publications, such as newsletters and annual reports;
  • Advice on pro bono infrastructure, including staffing options, governance, and oversight;
  • Preparation and implementation of strategic pro bono business plans;
  • Identification of trends and innovations;
  • Assistance in making the business case for pro bono at the firm;
  • Identification and development of pro bono opportunities in other offices, including non-U.S. offices;
  • Revitalization of firm pro bono efforts; and
  • Development of a media/public relations plan and contact with key media outlets.

To access Project consultative services, contact Law Firm Pro Bono Project at lawfirm@probonoinst.org.

Corporate Pro Bono staff offer free, confidential consultation services to in-house lawyers, legal departments, and ACC Chapters. Staff has years of experience in successfully guiding legal departments of all sizes and across industries to establish strong, effective, and enduring pro bono programs. This broad perspective allows CPBO a unique ability to suggest a range of strategies that will work most effectively in individual departments. Every in-house pro bono effort brings together unique volunteers, companies, clients and communities. CPBO is committed to working with in-house lawyers and legal departments to find tailor-made solutions that will enhance pro bono efforts, ensuring efficient, effective, and successful programs.

To access consultive services, please contact, CPBO.

The Public Interest Project provides consultative services on a fee-for-service basis to pro bono and legal services public interest organizations, covering a wide range of issues. Common consultation topics include:

  • Effective techniques for approaching and partnering with large law firms and corporate legal departments;
  • Identifying strategies that will result in effective, long-term, positive relationships that leverage substantial resources;
  • Minimizing conflicts;
  • Securing financial support; and
  • Other related topics.

For more information on our consulting services for legal nonprofits, please contact PBI President and CEO Eve Runyon.