Pro Bono Institute (PBI) is a catalyst, administering projects that support, guide, and inspire legal institutions to enhance access to justice. PBI selects and operates projects that, working in concert, promote synergies and inform and strengthen each other.

PBI’s current projects:

Law Firm Pro Bono Project® initiative – The Law Firm Pro Bono Project initiative supports and enhances the pro bono culture and performance of major law firms in the U.S. and around the world. The Project assists firms to fully integrate pro bono into their practice and culture in order to provide the institutional support and infrastructure essential to fostering a climate supportive of pro bono service and promoting partner and associate participation.

Corporate Pro Bono – The Corporate Pro Bono (CPBO®) project is designed to substantially increase the amount of pro bono work performed by in-house counsel and to enhance the pro bono culture of in-house legal departments through technical assistance to the in-house community, targeted research and publications, online information and services, and outreach and educational programming.

Collaborative Justice Project – The Collaborative Justice Project is an innovative initiative that brings together representatives from different sectors of the community to develop and implement a measurable plan to reduce recidivism and dramatically improve the experiences and outcomes of formerly incarcerated men and women to enable them to lead full and productive lives in their communities.

Global Pro Bono – While pro bono initiatives must be grounded in the history, culture, and existing legal aid systems of the various nations and will necessarily differ from the pro bono structure and culture in the United States, PBI, with its breadth of experience, serves as a knowledgeable, objective, and trusted advisor to law firms, in-house legal departments, and public interest organizations.

Multijurisdictional Practice – The CPBO project creates and maintains resources to help legal departments understand the state rules that authorize non-locally licensed in-house counsel to do pro bono. Additionally, the project  develops strategies and resources to advocate for changes to state practice rules that restrict in-house pro bono. The CPBO project assembles and works with interested in-house counsel, outside counsel, state bars, access to justice commissions, and other stakeholders on rule reform.