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PBI Signatory Showcase Featuring GSK**
Empowering New Beginnings: Pro Bono Efforts to Secure Identity and Support for the Homeless

February 22, 2024

In 2023, 148 members of GSK’s Legal and Compliance Department global pro bono program served 160 clients,providing over 1200 hours of service. Since 2015,GSK has partnered with Homeless Advocacy Project (HAP), an organization that provides free legal services to individuals and families who experience or face homelessness in Philadelphia. GSK lawyers and legal professionals assist with securing birth certificates for clients which addresses homelessness and enables them to apply for housing. GSK also participates in HAP’s SOAR (SSI, Outreach, Access, and Recovery) project to obtain expedited rulings on Supplemental Security Income and SSDI cases to help provide income to individuals who are unable to work due to a disability.

We spoke with GSK Assistant General Counsel, Andy Boczkowski, for this special edition of the Pro Bono Happy Hour Podcast. Listen to how GSK got involved with HAP.

PBI Signatory Showcase Featuring
Intel Corporation**
Intel’s Pro Bono Expungement Clinics

November 16, 2023

In 2021, Intel Corporation partnered with legal service organizations across the country to provide pro bono assistance through expungement clinics in support of their commitment to racial justice.

With unique volunteer opportunities available for all staff, Intel was able to bring in a much larger group of volunteers beyond attorneys. Their teams quickly saw an overwhelmingly positive impact within communities both socially and financially. Since 2022, Intel has worked with well over 150 clients across the U.S. who have been successful in getting their dismissal petitions granted.

For our latest Signatory Showcase series podcast episode, we spoke with Eva Almirantearena, Intel’s Vice President and Associate General Counsel in Antitrust and Commercial Litigation Group about Intel’s incredible pro bono work expunging criminal records.