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For more than 25 years, PBI has been transforming the pro bono landscape to help expand access to justice for people who most need, but can least afford, legal assistance. PBI is the source for all things pro bono, respected worldwide for its unparalleled depth of knowledge, research, training, and expertise. With your support, we can reduce barriers to justice for the most vulnerable people in our communities. Your generosity is crucial for our mutual success.

2022 Annual Dinner

November 2: Gotham Hall | New York

Celebrate exceptional pro bono achievements with PBI’s John H. Pickering Award and CPBO Pro Bono Partner Award, reaffirming commitments to pro bono and inspiring innovative pro bono collaborations.




2022 Social Impact Summit

PBI’s Social Impact Summit presents a first-of-its-kind opportunity for leaders from law firms, companies, and other key stakeholders to come together to analyze the “S” in Environmental, Social, and Governance standards and to evaluate how to meaningfully promote social impact while transforming and strengthening their own institutions.




Sponsors that support two or more PBI events (Annual Conference, Annual Dinner, Social Impact Summit) with a minimum combined sponsorship of $25,000, will receive additional recognition as part of PBI’s Pro Bono Leaders Circle throughout the year.


Donate to PBI’s General Fund

Pro Bono Institute depends on the generosity of law firms, in-house law departments, and individuals to help reduce barriers to justice for the most vulnerable people and communities across the globe. Please make a tax-deductible donation today.



Donate to the Esther F. Lardent Fund for Innovation in Pro Bono

Established by PBI’s Board of Directors in 2015, the Esther F. Lardent Fund for Innovation in Pro Bono (Esther’s Fund) has been created to support new, innovative pro bono projects designed to close the justice gap. Named in honor of PBI’s founder and first president Esther F. Lardent, the fund will ensure that Esther’s vision of a society in which everyone receives equal treatment under the law remains strong and that the work to realize that vision through new, innovative initiatives will continue for generations to come.



Matching Contributions

Some companies and organizations have gift programs that match employees’ charitable contributions. That means your gift can be doubled to support Pro Bono Institute.

To find out if your employer offers a matching gift program, please contact your Human Resources Department.

Planned Giving

Estate planning is a tax-wise method for you to prepare for the future. Talk to your financial or legal advisor about ways you can leave a lasting gift to Pro Bono Institute, including bequests; appreciated assets; or naming Pro Bono Institute as a beneficiary of your insurance policy, pension plan or bank account. For more information about including Pro Bono Institute in your estate plan, contact Danny Reed, Director of Development at 202.729.6691 or dreed@probonoinst.org.

Advance Access to Justice through Cy Pres Awards

Pro Bono Institute welcomes cy pres awards to help advance access to justice at a time when it is critically needed. Cy pres awards allow PBI to fulfill its mission of identifying resources for the provision of legal services to the poor, disadvantaged, and other individuals or groups unable to secure legal assistance to address critical problems.

PBI is the only non-profit organization mandated to support, enhance, and transform the pro bono efforts of major law firms, in-house corporate legal departments, and public interest organizations in the U.S. and around the world, reaching millions of individuals and communities in need.

Plaintiff and defense attorneys can recommend PBI as a recipient of cy pres funds. To learn more about how you can support access to justice by recommending PBI as a cy pres award recipient, please contact Danny Reed, Director of Development at 202.729.6691 or dreed@probonoinst.org.