VIDEO: Judge Robert Katzmann- Pro Bono Visionary

In 1995, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Judge Robert A. Katzmann, then in his role at the Brookings Institution, published The Law Firm and the Public Good, a collection of essay compiled to examine pro bono in large law firms.  The book, a must read for the aspiring pro bono champion, looked to make both the moral and business cases for doing pro bono.  More than 15 years later, Judge Katzmann’s book is as relevant as ever as law firms think more strategically about their maturing pro bono programs.

Judge Katzmann’s work and commitment to pro bono have been exceptional, which is why this year the Pro Bono Institute selected him as the recipient of our Chesterfield Smith Award.  To further recognize his achievement, The PBEye spoke with him about The Law Firm and the Public good, his personal interest in improving legal representation for immigrants, and got some insight into the future of pro bono work as seen from the courts system.

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