Professional Development for Pro Bono Leaders

Membership in the Law Firm Pro Bono Project offers unmatched pro bono professional development, training, and networking opportunities. At a time when changes are being implemented at law firms on what seems like a daily basis, it is more important than ever to stay on top of current industry trends and best practices.

Members receive exclusive benefits that make it easier for their firms to administer successful law firm pro bono programs. These benefits include, among other things, 1/3 off registration fees to the PBI Annual Conference and free access to webinars and on-demand programming with PBI’s network of experts. We also offer confidential consultations, guidance, audits, and assessments to address all aspects of your firm’s pro bono program.

We appreciate your support and dedication to pro bono and to our work, which is 100 percent supported by Membership dues and law firm contributions.

More than 80 firms have already become Members, so what are you waiting for? Return your 2014-2015 enrollment form before September 1 to receive a 10 percent discount. If your Membership renewal is already in the mail, thank you!