Clemency Project 2014: Update

Since The PBEye first reported on Clemency Project 2014, which seeks to provide pro bono assistance to federal inmates who would have likely received lower prison terms under today’s sentencing laws, the initiative has made substantial progress.

More than 1,000 attorneys, including solo or small firm practitioners and lawyers from large law firms, have already volunteered. In July, the Project conducted a training program for prospective volunteers, which is now available on-demand and includes an overview of the federal sentencing guidelines, applicable caselaw, and the eligibility criteria. Pro bono attorneys have been helping the Project screen requests for legal assistance submitted by more than 20,000 federal inmates seeking representation to determine if they meet the U.S. Department of Justice’s clemency criteria. They will then help qualifying inmates write and submit petitions for commutation.

If you are interested in learning more about Clemency Project 2014 and offering your pro bono assistance, click here.