Why Leaders Should Do Pro Bono

wordleWe at The PBEye spend a lot of time thinking, talking, and writing about why lawyers, law firms, and legal departments should do pro bono work.

In case you need yet another reason, check out a recent Huffington Post article on why it’s especially important for high-level business executives to lead by example and foster a culture of giving back in the workplace. The piece persuasively makes the case that volunteering can improve a leader’s emotional strength and on-the-job effectiveness, enhance their team’s confidence and problem-solving skills, and expand a business’s network of contacts. For many of the same reasons, it is important that law firm and legal department leaders serve as visible role models of pro bono engagement and promote a strong culture of pro bono service. As we’ve previously reported, there are countless other business and “bottom line benefits” of pro bono, including skills and confidence development and increased retention, productivity, and morale.

As you can see, pro bono can significantly benefit not only the clients being served, but also law firms, legal departments, and their lawyers and staff. Leave a comment and tell us about the impact that pro bono has had on your workplace.