The PBEye Salutes Solicitor General Donald Verrilli

After five years as Solicitor General of the United States, Donald Verrilli will be stepping down from verrillithe position. Verrilli is well known not only as a gifted orator but a staunch advocate for pro bono. PBI was honored to have him join us at the 2015 PBI Annual Conference to discuss his passion for access to justice and his hopes for the future of pro bono.

When asked about whether he advises others to share his personal goal of spending at least 10 percent of his hours on pro bono matters he said:

The way it looks to me now . . . is we are living in a nation in which the gap between the wealthy and everyone else just keeps growing wider and wider, and income inequality and wealth inequality are becoming more and more serious problems. It’s true in the economy generally, it’s true in the country generally, and it’s also true in the legal profession. I just think that’s a reality that all of us in this profession should face up to, that there are these very real market pressures, I get that, but it’s not just that the poor can’t afford basic legal services anymore, it’s that the middle class can’t afford basic legal services anymore.

The PBEye would like to take this opportunity to thank Donald Verrilli for his service and his unwavering commitment to equal access to justice for all.