Corporate Pro Bono Publishes New Metrics Resource

Metrics pose a perennial challenge for tracking in-house legal departments’ pro bono programs. To assist departments, PBI’s Corporate Pro Bono project (CPBO) recently published the Corporate Pro Bono Metrics Guide as part of its continuing development of effective tools for measurement and assessment of in-house pro bono.

Capturing metrics can enable a pro bono program to convey the value and importance of pro bono to volunteers, the institutions for which they work, and the individuals and communities being served. Regular and ongoing assessments of in-house pro bono practice provide a way to evaluate and improve the legal services delivered as well as the pro bono program itself.

Understandably, a robust metrics program may not be the focus of new in-house pro bono efforts—but early insights can help pro bono programs thrive, and initial efforts can be designed for future scalability. CPBO’s guide is intended to aid these departments in addition to more mature in-house programs that may use the guide to supplement their understanding of metrics, data collection, and use of metrics to amplify their pro bono programs.

The Guide outlines why departments should track metrics; what measurements departments should consider tracking; and how departments can track them.  It outlines the benefits of data-based evaluation on a legal department’s pro bono program and its impact on the community, noting that tracking the right information creates a useful roadmap for future engagement and leverages a legal department’s resources to meet needs efficiently. Data collection is the foundation for an organized, manageable, and well-integrated in-house pro bono program.

What best practices have you seen at your department regarding metrics? Leave a comment to share your experience or reach out to us directly! CPBO is available to provide tailored assistance to in-house legal departments in addressing metrics questions. Please contact us at to schedule a confidential consultation or if you have any questions.