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Rights in a Warming World: The Intersection of Climate Migration, Climate Change, and Human Rights

By Margo Kenyon, PBI Intern As climate change continues to leave lasting impacts on people all over the world, an increasing number of people are being displaced both internally and internationally from their homes, often referred to as “climate refugees”. In the year 2022 alone, 33 million people were displaced by natural disaster-related events. Many of the people most vulnerable to displacement live in countries in the global south and small island developing states (SIDS), which have historically contributed the least to global greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) but have increasingly been the most impacted. Communities may be impacted by either

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Don’t Despair, A Climate Pro Bono Bootcamp Is Here

With 2023 “virtually certain” to be the warmest year on record, climate change is top of mind for many people around the globe. It is easy to despair when reading how record high temperatures are unleashing extreme weather across our planet, but it is preferable to take action. Experts recommend steps that we can all take to attempt to slow climate change. Additionally, attorneys and legal professionals can use their unique skills to benefit the planet through climate pro bono. The PBEye has explored the intersection of climate and pro bono in recent years, including the impact of race in

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Impact of Race in Climate Change

For some, climate change is an issue to deal with later. For others, it is a catastrophe they are dealing with now. by Palak Srivastava, PBI Intern Systematic racism is an issue that protrudes into each and every crevice of society, and climate is no exception. Keeping that in mind, discourse about climate change is mostly about rising temperature or increasing carbon emissions. What is left out of many conversations is who exactly is being affected by such climate trends. Environmental injustice refers to the disproportionate impact of climate change that has befallen low income and minority communities. Though much

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