Media Release


Global Pro Bono Survey Updated

Pro Bono Institute (PBI), in partnership with Latham & Watkins, has updated the Survey of Pro Bono Practices and Opportunities in 84 Jurisdictions .

First published in 2005, this introductory resource and its accompanying microsite assists those seeking to engage or learn more about the culture and provision of pro bono legal services in their own country or other countries. The survey describes the legal landscape and provides essential details about local legal programs, unmet legal needs, and the rules that govern pro bono representation in each jurisdiction.

Eve Runyon, President and CEO of Pro Bono Institute, said “The Global Survey is an important tool in the continued growth of pro bono legal services around the world. Updating the Survey for 2019 was tremendously rewarding, knowing the good that this vital resource can do in spreading access to justice.”

The Global Survey aims to make information about global pro bono legal services more accessible and is part of an ongoing effort to promote and stimulate the growth of pro bono representation globally. The Survey compiles locally-sourced information on pro bono practices in 84 jurisdictions around the world, ranging from Angola to Vietnam. It was initially published in 2005, and has been updated several times.

David Ziyambi, Partner, Latham & Watkins, said “The Survey of Pro Bono Practices and Opportunities is a testament both to the dedication and hard work of our lawyers and professional staff and to the incredible team of local law firms and practitioners in the 80+ jurisdictions that contributed to the survey. We also wish to thank the Pro Bono Institute, which has done, and continues to do, so much to encourage the practice of pro bono legal services globally.”


Founded in 1996, Pro Bono Institute (PBI) is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization. With an unparalleled depth of knowledge, resources and expertise, PBI is the respected resource for all things pro bono. Through our work with law firms, in-house corporate legal departments, and public interest organizations, PBI is the global thought leader in exploring, identifying, evaluating, catalyzing, and taking to scale new approaches to and resources for the provision of legal services to the poor, disadvantaged, and other individuals or groups unable to secure legal assistance to address critical problems.
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