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The Global Pro Bono Project works to strengthen pro bono culture, policy, and practice in the legal profession around the world. In partnership with local and global leaders, PBI identifies impediments and implements solutions, develops resources, and promotes global pro bono service through research, consultative services, training, and thought leadership.

Global Pro Bono Survey
An essential reference, this survey will help you understand the pro bono landscape in over 80 jurisdictions around the globe.

Global Due Diligence Manual
This hands-on guide will help you locate, vet, and take on global pro bono opportunities.

Why Go Global?
The globalization of law practice, the growth of emerging democracies based on the rule of law, and the heightened international consensus regarding fundamental human rights have fueled efforts to explore and establish a pro bono legal tradition in many nations. Law firms and legal departments are increasingly eager to engage in global pro bono.

The PBEye and Global Pro Bono
The PBEye regularly shines its spotlight on innovative, compelling global pro bono models, partnerships, or projects. Learn more about who’s doing the good global work that moves you.

How Pro Bono Institute Can Help You Go Global
Whether you’re interested in engaging your offices abroad in pro bono, acquiring unique new legal skills and experiences, traveling to improve the lives of people in a place you’ve only read about, or bringing your legal talent to bear on the world’s most pressing problems without ever leaving your desk, PBI can help you do good on a global scale. The Global Pro Bono Project offers:

  • Consultative Services
  • Research and Development
  • Educational Programming
  • Publications

E-mail us to learn more about Global Pro Bono, share a success story, or obtain assistance.