Is Your Firm Camera-Ready? (Part One)

videoFor law firms looking to spice up their pro bono marketing, videos can be an effective option. As we’ve previously reported, a video is an innovative and engaging way to promote your firm’s pro bono program and demonstrate your firm’s dedication to pro bono.

Our friends at Faegre Baker Daniels*† have given us helpful guidance on how videos can strengthen both internal and external pro bono marketing efforts. Internally, firms can use a video to capture attention during presentations at firm annual meetings, as the nature of pro bono practice lends itself to video presentation more than other topics typically addressed at these and other meetings. Additionally, firms can use a pro bono video during new attorney and summer associate orientation and post it to the firm’s intranet to increase visibility. Videos also have the power to educate, inspire, and motivate attorneys and staff to get involved. In summary, pro bono videos can be used within the firm to:

• Demonstrate pro bono as a core value of the firm
• Inform lawyers and staff about the firm’s pro bono practice and policies
• Recognize outstanding volunteers in a public context and foster professional pride
• Generate interest in pro bono practice and the firm’s pro bono work
• Recruit new volunteers
• Foster pride about the law firm’s commitment to the community

Firms can also use videos about their pro bono programs to advance external marketing goals by displaying them prominently on their website and other public sites, like YouTube. Videos allow firms to communicate their commitment to pro bono in a concise, modern, and effective manner, while also publicly displaying the character and values of their firm. Firms can use pro bono videos externally to:

• Recruit new lawyers and summer associates
• Differentiate the firm from its competitors
• Highlight to the community the value placed by the firm on pro bono practice
• Inform existing and potential commercial clients about the firm’s pro bono practice and service to the community
• Inform legal services providers about the firm, and areas of the firm’s pro bono practice and expertise

Stay tuned for Is Your Firm Camera-Ready? (Part Two) next week, where we’ll highlight some compelling new pro bono videos that demonstrate the variety and range of what firms are producing. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out PBI’s YouTube channel to see some of our videos.

Has your firm created a pro bono video recently? Leave a comment and share your experience, and be sure to link to the video!

Hat tip to PBI intern Sam Mancina for his help with this post.

* denotes a Signatory to the Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge®
denotes a Member of the Law Firm Pro Bono Project